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ABOVE: Mathew Cormack will continue to lead the company.
contractual relationships across hundreds of brokers, forwarders and asset-based carriers.
Cormack customers will also gain access to TricorBraun’s supply chain management pro- grams for handling all aspects of their operational needs – from warehousing and shipping to forecasting and quality control.
Customers will be able to part- ner with TricorBraun’s Design & Engineering team, which has a long track record of developing award-winning custom packag- ing solutions. ■
LOCAL wine giant Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) has released its 2021 Sustainability Report, highlighting its progress on sus- tainable packaging and waste management, confirming its collaboration with Orora in the closed looped cycle of waste glass, and highlighting its commitment to a low carbon economy.
TWE has progressed a number of initiatives with its suppliers to innovate its packaging, so that it delivers a positive impact on the resource and energy efficiency of its partners, across a range of inputs from glass to label screw- caps and capsules.
Most of TWE’s components are recyclable, reusable, or composta- ble. However, it has identified that a small number of packaging components, particularly sleeves,
which are used to cover bottles and bag-in-box, present some challenges of meeting its target. It says these particular areas will be a focus in 2022.
TWE and Orora have also com- menced a closed loop process that involves the collection and trans- portation of waste glass back to manufacturer for beneficiation and crushing to make cullet, which is then melted down and re-used in the glass manufac- turing process to produce new bottles. As glass is infinitely recy- clable, this process can continue forever. Over the year, around 600 tonnes of glass was recycled through this programme.
RIGHT: TWE is working with suppliers to innovate packaging.
While reducing waste, this also contributes to an increase in recycled content in TWE’s glass bottles and reduced energy consumption, as recy- cled glass is more energy efficient to use for glass bottle manufacturing. ■
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Treasury Wine makes packaging eco progress

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