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          Volume 17 • Issue 12 • $5.00                 June 2021

                                                                    Hospital Staffing

                                                          Contract Labor, COVID

                                                       Affecting Hospital Staffing

                                                             BY VANESSA ORR

                                              In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, change is the
                                             only thing that remains the same. This is especially true
                                             in the area of hospital staffing, where the workforce and
                                             the way that it is deployed is constantly shifting.
                                              “I think that the pandemic has certainly forced us to
                    Marius J. Ged
                                             look at workforce planning very differently,” said Margie                              Lucas Diaz
                                             Vargas, senior vice president and chief human resources
           How Repealing                     officer, Memorial Healthcare System, of changes caused                        Best in Class
                                             by COVID-19.
                                              Before the pandemic, for example, healthcare workers
          PIP Can Impact                     often chose to work in one location where they could   Margie Vargas            Ultrasound
                                             build their careers. Today, an increasing number of profes-
              Healthcare                     sionals, particularly in licensed positions like RNs, respiratory therapists and imaging   System Now
                                             clinicians, are taking on travel assignments and becoming contract personnel, due in
                Providers                    part to a more lucrative contract and hourly rate.                              Available in
                                              “This has been a real challenge for those of us in the healthcare space,” said Vargas.
                                             “As the pandemic progressed, more and more Memorial clinicians were being recruit-
                                             ed for traveling assignments to different parts of the country, and we saw the depar-  South Florida
                BY DANIEL CASCIATO           ture of staff members to go to the Midwest.

          Florida’s personal-injury protection                                                    Continued on page 16        BY DANIEL CASCIATO
         (PIP) auto insurance system, also known
         as "no-fault," would end in 2022 under                                                                         The ACUSON Sequoia, the flagship
         proposals in both the state House (House   Drew Grossman Named CEO                                           ultrasound  system   from  Siemens
         Bill 719) and Senate (Senate Bill 54). Both                                                                  Healthineers, is now available in South
         bills will repeal PIP and replace it with     of Fishermen’s Community                                       Florida. An ultra-premium ultrasound
         Mandatory Bodily Injury Insurance                                                                            system, ACUSON Sequoia is designed to
         (MBI).                                    Hospital and Mariners Hospital                                     address the most prevalent challenges in
          The current no-fault system was intend-                                                                     ultrasound today, according to Lucas Diaz,
         ed to make insurance claims less adversar-                                                                   co-owner and Director of Customer
         ial than lawsuits. Florida motorists are           BY DANIEL CASCIATO                                        Experience for Med-Lab, an Advanced
         required to carry personal-injury protec-                                                                    Partner of Siemens Healthineers in South
         tion coverage which includes $10,000 in   In February, Drew Grossman, former CEO of St. Mary’s               Florida.
         medical benefits.                   Medical Center in Blue Springs, MO, was named Chief                        “Patients’ varied physical characteristics
          Under the proposed law, all drivers   Executive Officer of Fishermen’s Community Hospital and               and user dependent variabilities can nega-
         would be required to carry a minimum of   Mariners Hospital, both part of Baptist Health South               tively impact a clinician’s ability to deliver
         $25,000 in coverage for the death or   Florida.                                                              an accurate diagnosis,” he says. “The
         injury of one person and $50,000 for the   Grossman, who also previously served as CEO of Broward            ACUSON Sequoia enables powerful
         injury or death of two or more people.   Health Coral Springs and Salah Foundation Children’s                automation in each major mode to reduce
          PIP coverage currently pays up to   Hospital, was excited at the prospect of returning to Florida           user variability and deliver high quality
         $10,000 of the medical expenses of a   and joining the Baptist Health team.                                  imaging with no user interaction.” Some
         patient when he or she suffers any injuries   “Baptist Health South Florida has always been ranked as   Drew Grossman  examples of this include InFocus imaging
         in a car accident—no matter who is at   one of the best companies to work for in the country, not            technology, which eliminates the need for
         fault, according to Marius J. Ged, one of   just in the state of Florida, but in the country,” he says. “They are recognized by   manual focal zones. InFocus imaging
         the partners with Boca Raton, FL-based   Forbes Magazine, not only as one the top 100 companies, but health care companies   delivers improved B-mode image quality
         Ged Lawyers, LLP.                   alone. When I worked at Broward Health, I was also well aware of its reputation.   and image uniformity with automatic
          “There’s a reason for that,” he says. “The   When this opportunity came about, I was at a point in my career where I thought   focusing of the image at all depths, and
         legislature wants swift payments of med-  why not go work for a great company like Baptist Health?”          with high frame rates. The ACUSON
         ical bills so people don’t have to sue each   Grossman earned a Bachelor of Science from Pennsylvania State University and a   Sequoia was built from the ground up
         other to get their medical bills paid.”   Master of Health Services Administration from George Washington University in   with a new architecture called BioAcoustic
          According to Ged, MBI is based on the   Washington, DC. After completing his administrative residency at Parkway Medical   imaging technology; designed to deliver
         premise that every person who causes a   Center in North Miami Beach, Grossman moved to Southern California to serve as   more image clarity and penetration than
         motor vehicle crash will have financial   Assistant Administrator at Centinela Hospital Medical Center, an acute care hospital   the conventional ultrasound system.
         responsibility for the damages caused.   serving Los Angeles and the South Bay regions. He returned to Florida in 2002 serv-  The ACUSON Sequoia is also
         Those who oppose MBI believe it does not   ing in leadership positions at Cleveland Clinic in Weston and Parkway Medical   equipped with AutoDoppler technology.
         account for Florida’s unique position in   Center in North Miami Beach. Grossman then joined Broward Health as CEO of   Immediately upon freeze, AutoDoppler
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