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Dr. Rudolph Moise Takes Helm
                     The Power of Messaging

          Perhaps the most significant "messenger" of all was William                              of the Dade County
        Shakespeare. Shakespeare observed four main messages as he
        observed the world.                                                                        Medical Foundation
          1. Appearance and Reality
          2. Change
          3. Order and Disorder                                                      The Dade County Medical Association (DCMA) is
          4. Conflict and Resolution                                               extremely pleased to announce that Rudolph Moise,
          If you were to think about it, those are also four of the main           D.O., J.D., M.B.A., has been selected as the next President
        tentpoles in the never-ending quest for entertaining content in            of the Dade County Medical Foundation. The
        movies, TV Shows, Reality Shows, and even game shows.                      Foundation is the charitable arm of the Dade County
          The same four Shakespeare principles above can also be                   Medical Association and a vehicle for physician members
        applied to hospitals and any message they wish to promote.                 of the organization to invest in community projects and
          Appearance and reality have already shown to be a popular                initiatives.
        subject with the various medical dramas that have been a sta-  BY CHAD TINGLE   Dr. Moise is nearing the end of his term as President of
        ple of prime time programming for decades.                                 the DCMA. The organization has invested significant
          Change; what better way to facilitate change than a compelling, well-produced mes-  resources in the community over recent years under the
        sage.                                                                      leadership of Dr. Barbara Montford, Dr. Antonio Mesa,   BY FRASER COBBE
          Order and disorder - a classic storytelling gameplan. Start with order, a well-running   and Dr. Moise. This included the creation of a
        hospital, throw in some disorder, oh I don't know, maybe a global pandemic, and then   Community Outreach Committee that has championed
        back to order. The order/disorder mechanism can show how hospitals not only function   several programs including mental health and behavioral
        but survive.                                                               issue identification training for local police departments,
          Conflict and resolution. The grandaddy of storytelling. Showing your patients, staff,   STEM programs for local students, the Trayvon Martin
        vendors, and anyone who interacts with a hospital has experienced conflict. It's essential   Foundation, and access to personal protective equipment
        to show how a hospital can also resolve conflict.                          for physicians and others in need of supplies during the
          It's harnessing the power of the message and then showcasing that message in a cre-  pandemic.
        ative, compelling, and engaging fashion that makes the difference.           The DCMA leadership is pursuing a significant expan-
          What do you want to say? What do you need to say? How do you want to say it? Why   sion of the Foundation over the coming years and has
        do you want to say it? All of these questions can be easy to answer but very hard to con-  requested Dr. Moise to step into the position as we launch
        vey. It's also not only conveying the message, but the tone is equally important. We've all   several important initiatives. The DCMA and DCMA
        been guilty of sending a text message or e-mail that we intended one way, but it was   Foundation are partnering with the Miami-Dade Mayor’s
        received a completely different way than the author intended.              office to establish additional community locations for the   Dr. Rudolph Moise
          Nuance, tone, and delivery all play a different part in the storytelling process. It's a   delivery of COVID vaccine to underserved populations.
        learned skill, and when the message you are communicating has the right components   We are also finalizing a physician wellness program that is
        that Shakespeare built his literary works with, you have accomplished the goal.   mirrored after several successful programs currently operated in other counties across
          It's not any different from a hospital's message. It needs to be appropriately conveyed   the nation. Under Dr. Moise’s leadership, the Foundation will provide a broader plat-
        and entertaining. Using Shakespear's four principles of messaging provides a time-tested   form for physician members to continue to give back to the health and wellbeing of our
        approach to keeping an audience engaged.                                   community.

                                 For more information, contact Chad Tingle at (305) 794-7201          Fraser Cobbe, Executive Director, Dade County Medical Association,
                                                        or                                   can be reached at

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                                                                                                industry . Wiith health care finance cons stantly evolving,
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                                                                                                •  Emergingg technologies
                                                                                                •  Solution leaders — one-on-one ideas s for your                                             business
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