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          Volume 17 • Issue 11 • $5.00                 May 2021

                                                                   Salute to Nursing

                                                               Trends in Nursing

                                                         as the Pandemic Persists

                                                    BY MAGGIE HANSEN, RN, MHSC, BSN

                                              COVID-19 has drawn attention to many nursing trends
                                             throughout the nation, whether pre-existing, rising in
                                             priority, or brand new to our field. As leaders, we need to
                                             understand these issues and appropriately intervene so
                                             that our profession can emerge from the pandemic
                       Jay Juffre                                                                                                 Shane Strum
                                             stronger than when it began.
             ImageFIRST:                     The Knowledge Gap                                                             Shane Strum
                                              In particular, the existing knowledge-complexity gap
              Focusing on                    aptly described by the Advisory Board is widening. The   Maggie Hansen              Named
                                             chasm between the complex patient care needs and the
                                             nurses who possess the necessary knowledge and ability
                  Patient                    to provide such care is growing. Skilled baby boomer nurses are retiring sooner than   as President
                                             originally anticipated as a result of COVID’s threat to their own health. Residency
              Experience                     programs, mentorships, and newly-designed methods for preparing a novice nursing   and CEO of
                                             workforce are opportunities that must be embraced to mitigate the risk this dilemma
                                             poses to patient care.
                BY DANIEL CASCIATO            The good news is we’re in a time that respect for nurses and the challenges they face   Broward Health
                                             has never been higher, with the personal risks that accompany patient care during a pan-
          While most healthcare vendors were   demic acknowledged by those both inside and outside the healthcare industry. Media has
         impacted negatively by the COVID-19   documented the emotional, spiritual, and physical toll the last 14 months have taken on   BY DANIEL CASCIATO
         pandemic, ImageFIRST, the largest and   caregivers who have shared their heart-wrenching experiences. The public has lauded
         leading provider of medical linens in                                                    Continued on page 26  Earlier this spring, the North Broward
         South Florida, grew on the strength of its                                                                   Hospital District Board of Com -
         service and reliability. They were able to                                                                   missioners named Shane Strum as the
         persevere through the hardships and     Community, Ethnicity, Language,                                      new President and CEO of Broward
         continued to provide its healthcare                                                                          Health, one of the 10 largest public
         clients with exceptional care and quality                                                                    health systems in the U.S.
         service.                             Cultures: No Boundaries for Healing                                       A native of Broward County, Strum’s
          “We're becoming great at helping to                                                                         legacy of public service has spanned
         remove the headaches from some of our                                                                        nearly 30 years. During that time, Strum
         clients so they can focus on patient              BY BARBARA R. FALLON                                       has led initiatives that have lowered
         care,” says Jay Juffre, Executive Vice                                                                       costs of prescription drugs, expanded
         President of ImageFIRST. “We've taken   Hospital walls don’t confine this nurse scholar from                 telehealth services, improved trans-
         our RFID technology to another level in   applying her hands-on research findings gained from heal-          parency and quality in healthcare, and
         terms of our ability to manage scrub pro-  ing experiences in the adult populations of critical care         increased awareness of mental health
         grams and fluid resistant gowns.”    units, long-term care facilities and community groups                   and substance abuse issues throughout
          During the pandemic last year, the   focused on the needs of aging, marginalized, vulnerable and            Florida. Strum says he was excited about
         company started manufacturing its own   underserved populations.                                             this new opportunity in his hometown.
         line of fluid resistant isolation gowns.    Tamara Adonis-Rizzo, MSN, APRN, GNP-BC, and cur-                   “I'm thrilled to continue my role in
          “We added RFID chips in all of our   rent PhD candidate was born in Haiti and survived yellow               healthcare, particularly here in Broward
         scrubs and isolation gowns to track   fever, thanks to courageous nurses who helped her fight                County,” says Strum. “To have an oppor-
         what's coming and going as well as bet-  and beat the odds.                             Tamara Adonis-Rizzo  tunity to come back and be part of this
         ter manage our clients’ needs.” says   She credits these nurses with the legacy of planting the              community is unique and meaningful.”
         Juffre.                             seed for her to embark on a lifetime commitment to nursing care and scholarship.   Prior to joining Broward Health,
          The ScrubVAULT® System allows full   Following that initial triumph over disease she enjoyed her early youth in Haiti grow-  Strum served as chief of staff to Florida
         accountability for the scrubs being used   ing up in a multigenerational family and has long admired the tenacity and healthy   Governor Ron DeSantis. Previously,
         and by whom. Providers are able to bet-  aging of both her grandmothers. Her family moved to New Jersey when she was a   Strum served as senior vice president at
         ter manage their inventory because the   pre-teen. After earning her BSN from Seton Hall University and starting her career in   Memorial  Healthcare  System  in
         system relies on UHF RFID technology.   nursing with a focus in pulmonology and critical care; she moved to sunnier skies in   Hollywood, Florida, where he was part
         This ensures providers have the scrubs   Florida.                                                            of an executive team that managed over
         they need when they need it, making it   Here she received her MSN Gerontology Nurse Prac titioner at Florida Atlantic   15,000 employees and an annual budget
         more beneficial to them and ultimately,   University (FAU), is a board-certified gerontology nurse practitioner and a current   of more than $2.4 billion. He also over-
         also to their patients by freeing up staff   PhD candidate. Throughout her career, in addition to her on-going patient load as a   saw Memorial’s strategic planning, mar-
         to focus more on patient care.      nurse practitioner she has also been an innovative advocate for promoting wellness   keting, community relations and global
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