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    2020 has given "home" a new meaning for many. As Christians it is easy to forget that our earthly home is not eternal. That this small moment in time is not forever, that we are living in a shadow of what is to come. I am thankful this is not my eternal home but feel blessed to have an earthly home to share with others, to celebrate the joys, walk alongside the sorrows, and appreciate many aspects of this life with friends and family; even if it is only over Facetime or on our front porch and backyard.
Reflecting on this year, I am so thankful for God's faithfulness, sovereignty, and omnipotence. His promise of an eternal life is true, honest, and real. There is freedom in giving your life over to such a Father. May we walk forward in joy-filled anticipation of our eternal home, our eyes open and voices at the ready to give an account for the hope we possess.
Joanna Gallant
 An earthly home to share
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