Page 16 - Wanda Weasel
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Wanda “Want-It-Now” weasel was an interesting but not unusual character. I am sure that if you think about it, you know a number of people who act like Wanda. In fact, you may act like Wanda some of the time. When you whine about something being Not Fair or complain about how you should be first this time and so on, you are acting just like Wanda.
What is important to remember in this and other stories, is that it is your THINKING that gets you into trouble. The others talked about how impatient Wanda was and about her annoying behavior, as when Wanda left the climbing class before she had learned how to get down the tree.
The others thought her behavior was bad and that she was not being patient. It was Wanda’s thinking that caused her behavior. She may have told herself, “I know how to do this so I don’t need to listen to all this talk.”
If she had told herself that, she would have felt frustrated and anxious and she would have rushed out to climb the tree. That is an example of how her Stinky Thinking caused Not OK emotions and Thumbs Down behavior.

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