Page 14 - Wanda Weasel
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But like I said earlier, weasels don’t know much about fruit and Wanda was too impatient to listen to me explain about fruits and their seasons. So, Wanda ate an entire sack of green (not ripe) apples. Needless to say Wanda became sick, sick, sick.
I found it interesting that Wanda was acting just like some of you people. She was impatient and not persistent. She did not want to listen to others or change how she did things. Up to this point, her behavior had been a problem for her but it was about to cause her some real problems.
You see, there were other impatient, not persistent animals in our forest. They too were having problems. They would not wait their turn. They whined when things did not go their way. They got frustrated very easily and did not learn their tasks. In other words, they acted just like some people.
To make things worse, these impatient, not persistent animals frequently became friends. It is fairly unusual for different types of animals to hang out with each other.
But I noticed that Wanda was friends with a bear, a possum and several other animals, all of whom acted just like her. I am sure you already see the problem with these friendships. They agreed with each other’s Stinky Thinking. They all blamed others for their problems and thought that life should be easy and fair.

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