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With a little weasel yelp, Wanda took off running. I had to fly really fast to catch up with her. She ran completely through our woods and through the farmer’s field. She stopped at a fence and was staring at some trees as I caught up with her. I landed on the top of a fence post (not too close, you understand) and asked what she was doing.
“Apples!” she said with a gleam in her eye. I looked up to see that the trees she was looking at were located in the farmer’s orchard. The orchard had all types of fruit trees ... orange trees, pear, plum and of course, apple. The farmer planted different types of trees because the fruit ripens at different times of the year. That way, the farmer doesn’t have to pick all of it at the same time.
Since weasels are not much at eating fruit, I was explaining all of this to Wanda. She looked up at me and said, “Oh be quiet. You are just a crow. I know what I am doing.” And with that said, Wanda crawled under the fence and went into the orchard.
Wanda wasn’t gone very long before she returned with her sack bulging with apples. She looked up at me and said, “This will show them how smart I am. I don’t need to learn how to hunt.” I began explaining about fruits being in season when Wanda said, “Look crow, I don’t have time for all this talk. I am hungry and it is time to eat.”
I bet you know what happened next. Wanda did eat her apples, the entire sack. Her tummy was bulging just like the sack
had been.

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