Page 11 - Wanda Weasel
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This made a lot of sense to me. When at first you fail, try, try again (a people “saying” that crows have learned).
But this is what I heard next. “I am tired of this hunting and never catching anything. You are not very good teachers. I am not going to spend all this time for nothing. All of you can hunt until your tails fall off for all I care. I am going home.”
Of course, you have already guessed that the weasel doing the talking was Wanda. She did not even consider that her lack of patience was causing most of the problems with the hunting. She was blaming everyone else for her impatience and not paying attention. She was also breaking the second part of the rule, “Patience and Persistence are Positives.”
Persistence means to stick with a task, no matter how difficult, until you have learned it. In wild animal terms, that can mean climbing or flying or hunting. In people terms, it can mean learning spelling or math or even tying a shoe. You stay with a task until you can do it adequately. But it looks like Wanda “Want-It-Now” is giving up on learning how to hunt.
For a weasel, not hunting is like you not going to the grocery store. You can get mighty hungry in a fairly short time. Now, all Wanda had to do was realize that she was being too impatient and not persistent enough to learn a task (hunting).

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