Page 9 - Wanda Weasel
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Try as they might, the weasels weren’t able to catch a single rat. Unfortunately, it was a hungry night for the weasels.
All of the young weasels were gathered together and once again they were told, “Just because you are excited and want to do something, you must think and be patient. This is an important lesson and because some of you have yet to learn it, there will be no supper.”
Even though it was almost dark when this lesson was given to the young weasels, I could see all of them very well. I remarked to myself at the time, “There is only one who is not really paying attention, Wanda Want-It-Now.”
As you can imagine, all of the other young weasels were getting pretty upset with Wanda. Because of her impatience, they were hungry. But I am only telling you about the most exciting examples of Wanda’s wanting things now.
She was always wanting to be the first in line for this or that. She always had her paw in the air to get called on to answer a teacher’s question ... even if she did not know the answer. But what I
really found kind of surprising and sad was that she did not seem to recognize or understand that her want it now behavior was
very annoying.
As you might expect, Wanda continued her want-it-now behavior despite being told to: “Slow down and wait your turn;” or “Wait until it is ready;” or “Wait until I tell you to do it.”

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