Page 7 - Wanda Weasel
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Well, being true to her nickname, Wanda wanted to climb right then and failed to pay much attention to the instructor and the rest of the lesson. And before he finished the lesson, she took off to the nearest tree.
She ran up the trunk of the tree, squealing, “Look at me, look at me!” Up, up she went, higher and higher into the upper most branches.
Now you look pretty bright to me, so you may have already guessed what happens next. Wanda had done a very good job of climbing up the tree. But she lived up to her nickname, “Want-It- Now” and had forgotten the rule we talked about earlier.
She had not been patient. She had not paid attention to the entire lesson or practiced any climbing before running up this large tree. Now there are two things to learn about climbing trees. There
is an up and a down. And you know which part Wanda did not learn because she had not been patient. That’s right, the Down part. So here she is, stuck in the top of the tallest tree with no idea how to get down.
Fortunately, the other young weasels who had been patient and had paid attention to the lesson were able to climb the tree and bring Wanda down. But they were not very happy about having to do it.

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