Page 6 - Wanda Weasel
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Now that I was interested in Wanda and her nickname, I started hanging around the troop of weasels. Now, I am sure you understand that I was in the trees while the weasels were on the ground. Weasels are well known to be good hunters and I did not want to be the one hunted.
Anyway, it did not take long before I understood why the others called Wanda “Want-It-Now.” The young weasels were learning about climbing trees. Now, climbing trees is important in order to get food, like bird eggs and fruit. But as most of you know, climbing anything can be difficult and dangerous.
The instructor was about half way into the lesson when Wanda said, “Okay, I understand. Let’s go climb.” “Not yet,” replied the instructor, “I have only gone through the first part of how to get up the tree.” But Wanda started squirming and whining, “I am ready to do it now.”
The instructor tried to ignore her but she just kept it up. He tried to explain that there was still much to be explained and that climbing is fun but it is also complicated and dangerous. He said that it was important to learn how to do it correctly even if it takes a little time.
I understood the instructor’s point. As crows, we have to pay attention and learn a lot before we take that first jump from the branch and try to fly. There is a lot more to it than just flapping your wings.

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