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Good morning or afternoon, depending on when you are reading this little story. This is Cosmos Crow taking you on another adventure. As you know, our trips are sometimes amusing and always educational. I hope that you are learning that sometimes we act foolishly and then, not so nice things happen.
The important thing to remember is that you control how you react to many, if not most, of what happens in your life. However, as you will see in this and other stories, it takes a lot of work and time to learn how to take control of your life.
Today’s adventure takes place in the woods where I live. Most of the story occurs in or around a creek that runs through the forest and then into a large lake. The character that is the interest of this story is a weasel named Wanda.
Now, as you may know, weasels look like otters and seal lions. They live in or near wooded areas and are fast and usually pretty smart. I knew that a group of weasels lived in our forest but did not have many dealings with them.
What made me interested in the weasels and caused me to hang around them for a while, was when I heard of Wanda’s nickname. Wanda was called Wanda “Want-It-Now” by all the other weasels.

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