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When I heard the nickname, I just had to ask some of the older weasels about it. They told me that Wanda, who was still very young, had gotten into the bad habit of wanting everything to happen “right now”. They all agreed that this was an unusual, annoying and possibly dangerous way of thinking.
Since most of you reading this story are people, you may not know about one of the most famous sayings of animals: “Patience and Persistence are Positives.” What that means is that you should not rush through a task and that you should keep trying and trying to accomplish a task.
Take a lion for example. They hide in the tall grass and wait for a prey animal to come by. They then give chase. How long do they wait? As long as it takes ... that is Patience. Do they catch every prey animal they chase ... of course not. So they go back and hide in the tall grass again and again ... that is Persistence.
What would happen to the lion, if after a few minutes of hiding she said to herself, “This is taking too long. I am going to just quit.” Or, if after chasing two or three prey animals but not catching them she says to herself, “This is not fair. I’ve chased three and have not caught any. I am just going to quit this chasing stuff.”
You know what would happen. She would be a very hungry lion. The “King of Beasts” believes that patience and persistence
are positives and so do all other animals. That is why I found Wanda’s nickname so interesting... Want-It-Now. Whatever could that mean?

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