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The next time I saw Wanda and the other weasels, they were learning about hunting. Now as I said earlier, hunting is a very important job for many animals, from lions to weasels. It is also much more difficult than finding a tree full of fruit or opening the door and getting food from the cold closet that you humans have in your cooking room.
Once again, the old animal saying of “Patience and Persistence are Positives” is important. The weasels had all gathered at the outside of the farmer’s corn crib. Now, as all crows know, a corn crib is where the farmer stores his harvested and dried corn. He uses this corn to feed the farm animals, like cows and pigs. We crows have been known to occasionally get an ear or two from the corn crib but we prefer fresh corn in the field.
On the other hand, rats and mice prefer the dried corn in the corn crib. It is easier for them to get this corn than trying to get the corn still on the corn stalk. All of this was being explained to the young weasels outside of the corn crib. The reason for the class was because weasels like to eat rats and mice.
The method of catching them was being explained when suddenly Wanda yelled, “There are some!” and she took off running. Several other young weasels, in the confusion, took off with her. In the excitement and noise, all of the rats came running out of the corn crib in every direction.

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