Page 10 - Wanda Weasel
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Wanda’s unwillingness to be patient not only meant that she did things before she should do them but that she also often did them wrong or poorly.
After the corn crib problem, the older weasels took a long time explaining how to hunt. I assumed that Wanda would get it. However, I have been wrong before and I am afraid I was wrong this time also.
The weasels were out hunting rabbits and everything was going good (from the weasel’s point of view). They had located some rabbits and were planning how best to catch them.
But things did not go the way the weasels had planned (lucky rabbits) because of Wanda. Although Wanda had been present during the training, she really was not paying attention. When it came time to try and catch the rabbits, the plan included some weasels hiding and some of the weasels chasing.
There is no need to go into a great deal of detail but Wanda was assigned to the hiding group. But because Wanda “Want-It-Now” could not follow directions, she came out of hiding much too soon and the rabbits ran in every direction. Once again, the weasels went hungry.
As I sat in the small willow tree watching all of this, I noticed that the others were beginning to get angry with Wanda. However, the leader told them to calm down and get ready for another hunt.

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