Page 12 - Wanda Weasel
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If she had admitted that and been more patient and persistent, she could have learned to hunt as well as any of the other young weasels.
But Wanda refused to believe that her problems had anything to do with her behavior. Instead, she blamed everyone else and refused to change, even a little. I was wondering how Wanda was going to get food now that she had decided that learning how to hunt was dumb.
It did not take very long before Wanda became very hungry. However, admitting that she was wrong was out of the question for Wanda. So, hunting was not a way that she could get food.
Now, Wanda was not patient or persistent but neither was she dumb. She thought and thought about what she could do to get some food.
Finally, I heard her say, “Well I will just live and eat like the other animals who don’t hunt.” Now, that may sound okay but weasels are not like other animals who don’t hunt, as Wanda soon found out. She tried eating grass and leaves but that was not very tasty. She tried digging up worms but weasels’ claws don’t dig so well.
As you know, I had been hanging around the weasels for a while and Wanda finally noticed me. She wanted to know what crows ate. I told her, “Just about anything except grass and leaves.” Then I could see the wheels turning in Wanda’s little head. “You eat apples don’t you?” she asked. “Why yes, when they are in season,” I replied.

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