Page 15 - Wanda Weasel
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One day, I noticed a lot of commotion at the edge of the creek. It seems that Wanda and her not so patient friends had found a human’s boat. They had seen people in boats both in the creek and in the lake where the creek ends. They had decided to sail the boat down the creek to the lake.
The families and friends of Wanda, the bear, possum, rabbit and others, were telling their loved ones not to leave in the boat. Unfortunately, the boat was full of animals who were neither patient nor persistent. They did not know how to successfully operate the boat but were not willing to take the time or put out the effort to learn.
They did not want to listen to others who cautioned them about this idea. Instead, they pushed the little boat into the creek and sailed into the lake, never to be seen again. Because I can fly, I followed them out into the lake and I know what happened
to them.
I am sorry that I cannot tell you what happened but it
proved once again the old saying that, Patience and Persistence are Positives.

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