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How did you like our little story? For some of you readers you may have recognized yourself as someone who wants to be told “what I want to hear.” In fact you may get angry if someone tells you the “truth.” Unfortunately it seems that most of you humans, like the characters in our story, would rather be told a lie. That seems to be what you want to hear.
I hope you recognized that insisting on being told only “what you want to hear” can cause some problems. Both Robbie and Rodney wanted to be told that they were the “best looking.” However Robbie had no idea how to dress nicely or be friendly and Rodney was so rude and “stuck up” that no one wanted to have anything to do with them.
Now, that does not mean that they both could not change. Rodney could have learned to dress better and how to make friends. Robbie could have learned how to be less concerned with himself and be more polite. But because they listened only to their “magic mirrors,” they continued to believe that they were perfect and that it was everyone else’s fault that they were miserable.

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