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Patrick Pig is also like a lot of you humans as he wanted things to be very easy. He wanted to believe, what he wanted to believe no matter what problems that might cause. Now I will bet that just about everyone reading this, smiled when Patrick insisted that he could fly. We all know that that could never happen. However, Patrick insisted that his “Magic Mirror” tell him “what I want to hear.”
As silly as Patrick may seem, how many of you do the same thing? You tell yourself that you will make a good grade on a test even if you don’t study. You insist that your messy room will be clean “someday” even if you have no intention of cleaning it. You may have a disagreement with a classmate and refuse to speak to them until they apologize, because it was “their fault.”
You insist that you were the one “wronged” and should not do anything to fix the problem. The problem with Patrick and you, is that as long as you insist that your “magic mirrors” tell you “what you want to hear” you will not understand the need to learn the skills necessary to really succeed in life.

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