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1. When Robbie and Rodney asked the mirrors how they looked what did the mirrors say? a. The truth that is that they looked great.
b. The truth that is that they needed to change shoes.
c. The mirrors told them what they wanted to hear.
2. Rodney didn’t like the way he was treated at the party. What did the mirror tell him about it? a. The mirror told him that he did not act friendly at the party.
b. The mirror told him that the others tried to be friendly to him.
c. The mirror told him that the others were boring and only wanted to talk about themselves.
3. Why did Patrick Pig want the mirror to tell him that he could fly? a. He had seen other pigs  y.
b. He was  red of being slow.
c. He wanted to be a pilot.
4. What did all the characters in the story have their mirrors’ gauges set on? a. Tell me the truth.
b. Tell me what is likely to be true.
c. Tell me what I want to believe.
5. If you only associate with others who tell you want you want to believe what type of thinking are you having?
a. S nky Thinking b. Good Thinking c. Normal Thinking
6. When Cosmos turned the gauge on the mirrors to “Truth” what happened? a. Everyone was grateful to know the truth.
b. Everyone began breaking their mirrors.
c. Everyone switched the mirror gauges back to what they were before.
7. Cosmos did not seem surprised when everyone began breaking the mirrors. Why he was not surprised?
a. He knew that it was the  me of the year that everyone broke their mirrors.
b. He knew that everyone would be very angry when their mirror’s told the truth and that they might break them.
c. He told them to break their mirrors.
8. When someone truthfully tells you how they think you look and you get angry what causes your anger?
a. The fact that they are being ugly to you.
b. Your S nky Thinking that they “should tell me I look nice.”
c. The fact that they are your friend and they are hur ng your feelings.
9. To be a “Truthful Mirror” for someone what is one thing you must do? a. Be truthful even if they become upset angry or sad.
b. Avoid telling them things you know will upset them
c. Tell them just enough so that they can  gure out the rest.
10. If the people you use as “Mirrors” only tell you what you want to believe what will you not hear? a. Things that will make you feel good
b. Truthful things
c. Things that will make you like them.

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