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Cosmos here. I have taken you into the lives of various characters to see how they deal with their “reflections.” All of them have their “Magic Mirror” set on “what I want to believe.” The mirrors tell them exactly want they want to believe. It can be about
their appearance, why others don’t enjoy their company or if they can fly.
It is obvious to me and you the reader that these mirrors are not truthful. However, our story’s characters don’t seem to see it. They go on with their lives making the same mistakes over and over because the mirrors tell them what they want to hear rather than the truth.
You know that I am a little mischievous, so I switched the mirrors from, “tell me what I want to believe” to “truth.” Now that the mirrors are honest the characters in the story can learn the truth about themselves. But what happens?
Rather than listen and learn to change, they break the mirrors. As you read the story you might have thought that their behavior seemed foolish. You may have wondered why they wouldn’t want to know the truth, because then they could change and do better in life.
Now take just a minute and think about the last time that you made a poor grade on a test. Did you want to be told that you did not study enough? Or did you want to be told that the test was “too hard?” Or maybe that the teacher was mean? Perhaps you have too many other things to do and could not study adequately. Which of these “reflections” would you choose: the truth, the somewhat truthful, the not too truthful or the not truthful at all?

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