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Be honest! You know which is which and you know which one you want to hear even if you also know it is not correct. By choosing the “reflection” that most fits what you want to believe you have chosen your personal, “mirror.” If its reflections are not truthful, even if they are what you want to believe, they are not going to help you do what you have to do to succeed in life.
If you choose the “reflection”... “that test was too hard,” then the teacher must start making easier tests and you don’t have to do anything.
If you choose the reflection that the, “teacher is mean” then the teacher must become nicer and you can’t do anything to make things better.
If you choose that you had, “too many other things to do” then others must make sure that you don’t have, “too many things to do” and others must make things better.
If you choose, “did not study enough” then you must study more and you may do better.
It is typical human nature to want to have, “favorable reflections.” We would rather see our behaviors and ourselves as good, smart, successful even if that is not exactly truthful. If life circumstances don’t go our way then, “life’s not fair” (which of course it never will be).
If other people do not respond to us as we would like them to, then they are mean and ugly, which may not be the truth. The opposite of that “reflection” is that we are, “losers and will never have any friends so why try” which is probably not truthful either.

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