Page 12 - Mirror Mirror
P. 12

Well that was no big surprise. Robbie did not like the truth any more than Patrick.
I have already switched Rodney’s gauge to “super truth.” Let’s see what is happening over there.
“Mirror, mirror in my hand tell me I am the best looking rabbit man.”
“Guess what Robbie, you are nice looking but you are so stuck up that no one will give you a second look. You go to a party and expect everyone to gush all over you and talk about what you want to talk about and if they don’t, you pout and act like it is their fault that you are having a bad time. You act like a jerk and expect everyone to make you feel better.
Rodney... get a life!” CRASH!!
Well that did not take long. Rodney did not like the truth not one little bit. He really made a mess with that little mirror. Pieces of glass are everywhere. You know what I think I am going to do?
I bet you can guess what I am going to do. I am going to switch all of the mirrors from “What I want to hear” to “Truth.” This should be really interesting.
This is going to take a little time. Why don’t you think about what will happen when these mirrors get switched? I will see you in a few moments.

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