Page 11 - Mirror Mirror
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Oh, oh... just as I expected. Old Patrick did not like the “Truth” mirror. He still wants to hear what he wants to believe. It does not matter that this flying stuff almost made him into pork sausage. He still wants to be told that he does not have to be slow. He wants to be told that he can fly.
Really, if he dropped a little weight and exercised he could run fairly fast. But that is the truth and he does not want to be told the truth. Patrick would rather break the mirror.
Let’s set Robbie Rabbit’s gauge to truth but not too far into the “truth zone.”
“Mirror, mirror on my wall tell me that I am handsome and tall.”
“Well Robbie for a rabbit you are fairly tall. But as you know, rabbits ... when compared to other animals are fairly short.”
“Oh well ... but mirror am I handsome?” asked Robbie.
“Robbie I have seen worse. By rabbit standards you are okay looking but your taste in clothes needs work.”
“But mirror the others at the party were jealous because I was the best looking,” whined Robbie.
“Robbie you worry too much about who is or is not the best looking. You were so concerned about being the best looking; you would not go and talk to the others. You were afraid that they might not think that you were the best looking.”
“Well mirror, if that’s the way you are going to talk to me”... CRASH!!

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