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“Do you mean that if I climb to the top of the barn and jump off flapping my legs that I will fly like a bird.”
“If that is what you want, then yes , Patrick you will soar through the sky just like a bird.”
“Oh thank you mirror,” said a very excited Patrick.
This looks like trouble to me. Do you really think that Patrick is going to try to fly? Well, there he goes walking though the barnyard whistling a tune. He can’t whistle very well but I can’t whistle at all (no lips) so I guess he can whistle better than me.
Well, he has reached the barn and is climbing a ladder that goes to the roof. He can climb pretty good. Now he is on the roof at the edge flapping his legs and he jumps!
I can’t look! You look for me. Oh yea, I must look because you can’t see him. Well there is a cloud of dust rising from the ground just past the barn. And there is Patrick not flying and looking a little stupid.
This mirror stuff is really strange to me. While Patrick is getting his brain working again let’s go and have a look at his mirror. Maybe we can figure out why the mirror seems to give such bad advice. I mean really ... telling a pig he can fly!
Well it looks like just an ordinary mirror from the front. Now let’s look at the back. Oh, oh ... here is the problem. There is a gauge on the back of the mirror. You can set it on “Truth” or “What you want to believe” or something in the middle of those two.

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