Page 7 - Mirror Mirror
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Well what do you think about what the mirror told Robbie? Now we were not there but do you think that the other rabbits were really snobby and unattractive? We’d better go over to Rodney’s to see if his mirror is any different ... but I’ve got this bad feeling.
“Mirror, mirror in my hand why was the party so bland?”
“Well”, the mirror replied “The others were so boring. All they wanted to talk about was the food and what they were going to do this summer after school. No one wanted to talk about what you wanted to talk about and no one noticed how great you looked. They were a real ‘nothing’ group and if I were you I would not have anything to do with any of them ever again and certainly never go to another party.”
“Mirror” relied Rodney “you make so much sense. This is exactly what I will do.”
Cosmos again. I was afraid that Rodney’s mirror would be just like Robbie’s and would tell him what he wanted to hear. It sounded like Rodney was upset because no one wanted to talk about what he wanted to talk about. Do you think that they did that just to be mean to Rodney?
It also sounds like Rodney thought that they should have made a big deal about how good he looked.
Do you think he should have gotten upset? Do you think the mirror is giving him good advice?

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