Page 5 - Mirror Mirror
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The mirror is telling Robbie what he wants to believe even if it is not true. I guess I could tell Robbie that he has a defective mirror but I think I will wait until I get a little more familiar with this Land of Mirrors.
Well here is another rabbit next door to Robbie getting dressed up. Let’s listen to what Rodney Rabbit and his mirror have to say to each other.
“Mirror, mirror in my hand tell me I am the best looking rabbit man.” “Oh,” replied the mirror “There is no other rabbit who looks as good as you. You will be the most attractive and sought after rabbit at the party. The girls will love your navy blue suit and beautiful shoes.”
“Thank you mirror. You are always so correct in your evaluations.”
I have to admit that Rodney is looking better than Robbie but even his mirror is talking about “beautiful shoes.” I mean I know it is telling them what they want to hear but they can’t both be the “most attractive and sought after” rabbits. Maybe we need to look in at this party. It might help us understand what is going on.
Let’s peek through this window at the party and see what is happening. Oh boy, they are dancing up a storm, doing what else but the Bunny Hop.
Gee, I had no idea that rabbits had this much fun. Dancing, drinking carrot punch, eating lettuce cookies. They are really having a great time. However I don’t see Robbie and Rodney.

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