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Hello it’s Cosmos Crow taking you on another trip. This time we will go to the Land of Mirrors. You won’t find it on any map. It is a special place where we are going to learn about reflections ... you.
You look in a mirror just about every day when you comb your hair and brush your teeth. When you pass a window and look at yourself, the glass in the window is a mirror.
In the Land of Mirrors the mirrors and their reflections are a little more complicated than that because they are magical. If you want to learn more about the magical qualities of the mirrors in this land you just need to read on.
In the Land of Mirrors everyone has many mirrors but they are not just regular mirrors since they are magical and can talk. That’s right, just like in that fairy tale about the young girl and the mean witch and the seven little guys, you know, Snow Gray or Snow Brown or whatever.
Anyway, you can ask your mirror a question and it will answer you. Let’s look in on Robbie Rabbit and listen to him and his mirror.
“Mirror, Mirror on the stand, tell me I’m the best dressed rabbit man.” “Oh,” replied the mirror, “There is no other rabbit who looks as good as you. You will be the most attractive and sought after rabbit at the party. The girls will love your navy blue suit and beautiful shoes.”
“Thank you mirror. You are so wise” replied Robbie.
Cosmos here. I think you can see that there might be a little problem with Robbie’s mirror. Now granted I am not a rabbit but Robbie’s outfit is kind of ugly. And where does this mirror get, “navy blue suit and beautiful shoes?”

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