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Oh, oh there they are. One is sitting by himself in the corner next to the band. That’s Robbie. And there is Rodney sitting by himself all the way in the back. They don’t look like they are having much fun. Their ears are all droopy and even their whiskers are sagging. I can’t think of the last time I have seen a sadder pair.
Why don’t they get out and dance or at least go around and visit. Surely they must know some of the other rabbits at the party. Well, it is no business of mine but they sure don’t look like the happy pair we looked in on just a little while ago.
I think I will leave them now. There is a special at one of the local farms. All you can eat ... corn on the cob. And Cosmos never misses a meal. Let’s check back with these guys after the party is over.
Cosmos here. Sorry I am late but boy was that corn good. Now let’s look in on Robbie.
He is back from the dance and is going right up to his mirror. “Mirror mirror on the stand why was this party so bland?”
“Well” said the mirror “Everyone was snobby and unattractive. They did not appreciate how good you looked or they were jealous. They were all too stupid or lazy to come over or talk to you. If I were you I would never speak to any of them again and never, never go to another party.”
“That all sounds right to me,” Robbie told the mirror.

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