Page 10 - Mirror Mirror
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Most of the gauge is devoted to “What you want to believe” and this one is set almost to the maximum. No wonder it told Patrick Pig he could fly. He wanted to believe that he could fly and that is exactly what it told him. Now this foolishness is starting to make sense.
If all of the mirrors have this gauge and they are set on “What I want to believe” they are going to say just what anyone wants to hear, even if what it tells you is completely wrong!
I wonder what will happen if I set the gauge on “Truth?” I think I will try with Patrick Pig and maybe the others we have visited thus far.
Here comes Patrick. Let’s see what happens.
“Mirror, mirror on the wall why, oh why did I fall?”
“Well Patrick you are a pig and pigs can’t fly.”
“But mirror I am so tired of being slow. I must be able to fly or I will just cry.”
“Patrick you can cry all you want, you still can’t fly. If you are tired of being slow, go on a diet and drop some weight.
Then stop laying around in that slop all day and start exercising. If you do that on a regular basis you will stop being slow,” said the mirror.
“But mirror ... that is not what I want to hear.” CRASH!

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