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This story is about just such a situation and Cosmos Crow takes your children to the Land of Mirrors so they can learn about “friend selection”. In the first part of the story, Cosmos observes two rabbits, Robbie and Rodney, admiring themselves in their respective mirrors. Robbie asks his mirror to “tell me I’m the best dressed rabbit man.”
The mirror dutifully replies that he will be the most attractive and sought after rabbit at the party. It complements his navy blue suit and beautiful shoes. Cosmos observes that Robbie’s clothes do not resemble those being admired by the mirror, but Robbie does not seem to take any notice of the discrepancy.
Rodney asks his mirror the same questions and is given similar answers. Although Rodney looks better than Robbie, Cosmos notes that his mirror is also not really accurate in what it tells Rodney.
Both rabbits go to a party and are observed through a window by Cosmos. They both seem to be alone and are having a terrible time. Later, after the party, both rabbits ask their respective mirrors why they had such a bad time.
Their mirrors reply that the other rabbits did not appreciate how good they looked and were jealous. “They were too stupid or lazy to come over and talk to you. If I were you, I would never speak to them again and never, never, go to another party.”
Cosmos is amazed at how inaccurate the mirrors responses are to the questions about the party. Cosmos will discuss with the reader how Rodney and Robbie were unwilling (or afraid ) to visit with others and had unrealistic expectations.

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