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One of the most difficult of the “Coping Skills Ten Life Rules” is number nine: “I shall select friends, based on their ability and willingness to tell me the truth about myself.”
When you ask a friend, “Does this outfit make me look fat?” Do you want the truth or something that will confirm your opinion that you look good or at least reduce your anxiety?
Most of us have a “true friend” with whom we confide our most significant joys and fears. You trust them to be honest with you even if the truth hurts. You know that they have your best interest at heart and will never tell you something “just because you want to believe it” or just to benefit themselves.
If you have had a friend like this “true blue friend”, you probably have many situations in which their assistance would have been appreciated. But like most of us, you can count those friends on one hand, or maybe one finger. They are the proverbial “few and far between”.
This friend is a special person. But you also have to be willing to be a special person. You have to let down your defenses and accept that you are not perfect. You have to be willing to accept your own mistakes and be willing to change. The true rarity is not in the availability to locate the “true blue friend”, but in your willingness to accept the “truth” about others and yourself.

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