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Mirror Mirror Exercise Selec ng your “A” team
This is how to select your “A” team of “mirrors.” These are the people you will use to help you see yourself and life as it is in reality. They are charged with telling you the truth. They may be family, friends, classmates, grown-ups or children. They can be anyone but you must consider the following before listing them.
1. Will they be truthful even if I become upset angry or sad?
2. Is what they tell me based on reality, not because they want to please me or hurt me?
3. Am I willing to accept their observations as truthful and not “second guess” them?
4. Am I willing to do whatever is in my best interest based on their observations?
List the names of people for whom you answered yes to all four questions. Go to them when you have concerns or fears. Let them be your Truthful Mirrors in life.
Now comes the hard part of the exercise. Choose a convenient time, maybe after school to talk individually to each of your “A” team. Ask them if they can be truthful even when you are upset. If they are overly concerned about hurting your feelings or upsetting you then you may not want to use them. Be as honest with them as you want them to be with you.

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