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You have the ability to choose to have friends who are accurate “mirrors.” They will tell you when you are being silly or unkind. They will tell you when someone else is trying to manipulate you. This is the type of friend you should search out. Unfortunately, many of us select friends because they “make me feel good.” They are “mirrors” set on “tell me what I want to believe.” You will learn little useful information from them. In fact, you may do things that are not in your best interest because of their “reflections.”
You may continue doing this even as you get older. You may select a boyfriend or girlfriend based on their inaccurate, “reflection.” Have you ever heard someone say that they are dating someone because they, “make me feel so pretty, smart, strong?” That person needs someone else to “reflect” positively on them even if it is not true. Unfortunately many times these types of friendships and relationships are not good for you.
In our story Cosmos knew what would happen if he changed the mirrors to “truth.” Everyone would become angry and break the mirrors. If you are honest with a friend do they threaten to not be your friend? If you are honest (with no intention of being ugly) do they become angry? What about you? If they are honest with you, do you think about what was said and are you then honest with yourself? Or, do you get angry at them for, “not being on my side.”
These are the lessons that Cosmos wants you to learn from this story. Be honest with yourself and others. Demand that others be honest with you. Take those honest “reflections” and decide what you need to do to ensure that you are doing what is in your best self-interest. Learn to live in the Land of Truth and Broken Glass.

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