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They expected others to rush up and complement them and to want to talk about only those things that interested Rodney and Robbie. The unhappiness that Rodney and Robbie experienced had to do with their unrealistic expectations and unwillingness to be friendly themselves. Of course, that would not be what they would want
to hear.
Cosmos observes Catherine and Caty Cat and their interaction with their mirror. Their mirror tells each cat that they are the “most beautiful”. He listens to Patrick Pig and his mirror encouraging him to jump off a roof and fly, “If that is what you want.”
Cosmos realizes that something is terribly wrong in the responses being given by the various “magic mirrors”, and investigates. He finds that each of the mirrors has a gauge that can be set on “Truth” all the way to “What I want to hear”.
Of course, the mirrors are all set on “What I want to hear”. Cosmos sets the mirrors of each of the characters you have met in the story to “Truth” and some all the way to “Super Truth”, with predictable results.
Once their mirrors start telling them the truth, the story’s characters become angry and resentful and break the mirrors. Cosmos then sets all the mirrors in this community on “Truth” and there is a continuous sound of breaking mirrors. At the conclusion of the story, Cosmos changes the town sign from the “Land of Mirrors”, to “The Land of Truth and Broken Glass.”

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