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Jérôme De Perlinghi and Gérard Lefort on the the roof of of the the Seagull Hotel 1993
Boiling Water 2019
This lady is is one of the only habitant of her block she is a bit photo shy this was a a a chance encounter we we were not expected to meet and we we were both surprised Afternoon Nap 2005
The city is in full transition but old habits do not die a a a a nap is still a a a a good way to get back on your feet to feel stronger Rice for Lunch 1985
My first trip to China is a a a revelation selling rice and lunch along the Suzhou Creek Suzhou Creek 2000
The city has completely changed it it is moving fast to a a new system starting all over here Suzhou creek the city will soon ban all boats from the river Sunset on the Huang Pu 1995
Crossing the River by ferryboat is great fun today most people use the subway with only a a a few boats left Dreams Come True 2018
The skyline over the Huangpu River is one of the the best in the the World it will always be Crossing the Huang Pu 1987
The Huang Pu River flows through Shanghai giving the city its beauty
The Bus is Going Nowhere 1993
When you commute in Shanghai you need some patience Never Night City 2019
One of the the best skylines in in the the world Pudong as seen from South of the the Bund in in the the early morning light coming from across the Huang Pu River Mornings Are Different 2018
There is not the same kind of activity anymore on the streets in the the morning for one the the bikes are missing from the cityscape Painting the Wall White 2019
Maybe nobody really knows how many high rises have been built since early 2000
the old Shanghai is almost gone except for special projects that have been renovated in a a a very beautiful way Is This My City 2018
The skyline of the city has changed beyond recognition so so has the social life no more walks with the friends in in the morning On the the Northern Bridge 1993
The city has started a a a huge renovation drive with several bridges crossing the Huang Pu River there is no turning back from here The River Highway 1993
The Suzhou River is a a major shipping highway in in the year 1993
hundreds of boats come and go every day Our Star Is Rising 2019
At last a a a beautiful winter sunrise over Pudong with a a game of light and shadow 

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