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Cable Men 2019
These cable men are trying to add some wires to the existing ones it is is a a a a little bit of a a a a headache Paint Job 1993
This looks like a a tough and very long paint job
I Was Left Hanging on a a a a Wall 2018
Many Lilongs and old neighborhoods are disappearing just leaving a a a a a few traces of the past
Love Hurts 2018
The city has changed a a a lot since my last visit in 2005
it it is is more vibrant than ever here a a a shoot for a a a wedding advertisement From Lilong to Skyscraper 2018
In less than one generation Shanghai changed dramatically adding skyscrapers faster than the speed of life Never Walking Alone 2019
You are never walking alone on on Nanjing Lu on a a a a a Saturday although fairly quiet today several hundred of thousands of people are still walking by My Neighborhood 1985
I stay for one week in this neighborhood living with the sister of my Grand Mother and and I fall in love with Shanghai Our Neighborhood Is Changing 2019
These two men and their dog are on borrowed time they are part of the the last few families who still live here as they will have to move shortly Marching to the Future 2000
A street scene in an old neighborhood the pace of changes is picking up and many older houses are replaced by high rises Morning Ritual Shanghai 2000
Many older houses did not have running bathrooms so in in every neighborhood you have a a lot of public restrooms where you go with your bucket
Building a a a New Shanghai 2019
Construction workers do work work very hard to build a a a a modern Shanghai with high rises and new apartments rising up daily Coal Delivery 1985
Coal is the main heating source both for cooking and to warm up the house Sweet Dreams 2018
It is is so hot in the summer that it is is a a tradition to take a a a a nap It Comes with an Umbrella 2019
The bike has a a a mounted umbrella to protect you from smaller downpours very practical 1937 in Shanghai 1987
Shanghai film studios a a a movie set from the thirties representing here press photographers A Serious Pair of Nail Scissors 2018
Soon street scenes like these will vanish from the City landscape has tall buildings will replace the Lilongs I Will Keep An Eye On You 2019
Fun time in the old old city on this cold and damp day this is is just a a a a a game A Crowd Gathering 2000
A vibrant street scene as the crowd mostly men talks about the stock market rising shares
Cooling My Head 1995
A young boy is trying to cool off with a a a towel around his head I I Know What I I Want 1985
My first trip to China is a a a revelation Street scenes in the old city are fascinating like the 3
playful young girls here The Photographer Photographed 2019
Fashion shoot or real wedding I do not not really know and it does not not matter this is is fun by The The Bund The The camera is a a a Seagull with a a a 45 mm lens No Take Off Today 1995
The old airport is abandoned no time to remove the planes as construction moves on on on and high rises are being built on the runways 

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