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Can You See Pudong 2018
If you enjoy loneliness this is is not a destination for you even the rain does not stop people from walking along the Huang Pu River Sweet Peas for Lunch 1987
The old town flows with the summer heat as it gets very hot in July and August all activities are outside preparing lunch The Pig’s Head 2019
In China and Chinese all over the world will eat eat everything that is eatable I am sure the pig’s head is great for a a a soup Selling Cigarette 1995
Selling cigarettes China is a a a huge tobacco market Man with Black Hat 2019
A street street portrait in in a a shopping street street Manpower 2000
Pudong was the the first district in the the city to see big changes Workers are saving bricks and other materials to recycle Morning Paper 1987
Still to this day Shanghainese buy a a a a lot of newspapers a a perfect quiet alley to start the morning Cookies and Curlers 1993
New style looks do matter again society is about to change The Monkey King 1987
A legend among children and adults alike having fun with the passersby Very Modern 2005
This is is a very modern style for 2005
Shanghai is is changing fast but this lady is changing even faster
Dead Inside 2019
I am not sure this older lady knows the meaning of her sweatshirt A British Moustache 1987
It is rare to see a a a Chinese man wearing a a a mustache
After the Rain 2019
This crowd on Nanjing Lu is is going on a a shopping trip after visiting the Huang Pu River Saturday’s Rest 2019
Construction workers getting together and and ready to to go out and and enjoy their day off for most o of them it it starts with enjoying a a a cigarette Happy Conversation 1987
The old town is almost untouched in the late eighties with small alleys and Lilongs where you you find your local phone booth Cup Cakes 2005
The city is in in in full swing in in in 5
years a a lot of changes have happened high rises now dominate the skyline a a lot of families have to move further away from the city center Fun Walk in in the Rain 1993
A very heavy downpour does not seem to bother the the children one minute as they have fun walking through the droplets Millions Will Always Come Right Here 2018
Seeing the Huangpu River and The Bund is is a a a ritual for for all for for the tourist that come to Shanghai foreign or or Chinese Generations 2 Cultures Same Beauty 2019
A poster hangs to block the light going through a a window in in in a a neighborhood that will be demolished very soon 

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