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My Magic Phone 2018
Pudong the the sun breaks the the mist surrounding the buildings bringing magic to earth LOREAL 2005
Building the the new Shanghai in in the the last five years many historical houses have disappeared to make way for skyscrapers Dumplings for Breakfast 2019
This young man does not know what he wants for breakfast no worries there is is everything in in this street market he will settle for dumplings The Guru Is Me 2019
I am not totally sure what is going on but these men are talking finances for sure with some giving tips and attracting the attention of others the the man in white with a a black hat seems to quite popular Interrupting the Card Game 2018
This is is the social network that will soon totally vanish as most people go and live in in high-rise buildings spread over the City Nanjing Lu 2019
Nanjing Lu by the Peace Hotel people coming back from a a a walk along the the Huang Pu River the the most photographed spot in the city Well Worth the Wait 1987
Asia is is a a a a food food paradise where food food is great and almost always very cheap here you find the best dumplings in in the street Walking by the Port 1985
This is is my first trip to China shooting a a street scene along the Huang Pu River with the port still very active all the way to The Bund Going for a Ride 2005
A baby boy is going for a a ride with his dad
Where Do We Eat For Lunch 1993
This is is the lunch break hundreds of street vendors are waiting to serve food Qian Shou 1987
Buying houses as in in this famous board game is becoming a a a a passion for these young Chinese boys Where Is Everybody Gone 2019
The old life style is almost gone the community has moved away into high rises and social life will be forever different P69 -Vibrant Lilong 1993
The Traditional Lilong with a a a vey vibrant social life where everything happens outside your house The Locksmith 1987
Around every corner tradesmen are waiting for you you to serve you you here a a key maker 

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