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Do Not look at my Cards 1985
Photographing a a street scene in in the old city around Renmin Lu very near to where my Grant Aunt lived cards games remain popular today Just Follow Me Please 2019
The second day after New Year on on a a a a very sunny day as millions of people are walking to see The Bund and the Huang Pu River Distracted 2000
A man looks distracted as he is is waiting for his lunch Eyes Eyes to Eyes Eyes 2018
The old town is is vanishing fast People move away a a a new younger generation will come soon Selling Comics 1987
Before having phones or or computers kids loved reading comics Jin Mao Tower 2000
The Jin Mao Tower has been built since my last visit in in 1995 today (2019) it is is almost invisible as there are so many other towers around it Fly Malaysia 2005
The march to a a very modern city is in in in full swing Pudong will soon shine
Slices of Cucumbers 2018
Luckily not all traditions are lost here in a a a Lilong a a a man uses traditional methods for his skin care Still Enjoying Life 2005
This lady is is enjoying life and a a a cigarette I would love to to listen to to all her stories My My Case Is My My Hat 1993
The majestic Bund this is is one of the best walks in the whole world with the the Peace hotel in the the background Renmin Lu 2005
Two friends walk around the Old Town on Renmin Lu Smoking Pleasure 2019
In the Old City that has almost completely vanished this old man will not kick the habit smoking is too much fun Staying Behind 2019
This poster has been left behind in in an an abandoned house already the cooking oil was not too kind on it The Eyes of a a Panther 2019
A nail and hair salon in need of a a a a a little upgrade will it it open again?
Shaving 2000
A man shaves in front of his house Breakfast 1985
Early morning street scene in in the old city I discover the alleys and Lilongs I Dare You 1993
A young boy is challenging me but agrees to pose
Mongolian Hat 2019
This man accepts to to pose
we try to to communicate with each other but it it is impossible we only know that he lives in the Old City Ping Pong 1985
My first trip to China makes a a a a great impression on on me Children play table table tennis on a a a a small table table it does not get sweeter than this 

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