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Building a Modern City 2019
Maybe nobody really knows how many high rises have been built since early 2000
the old Shanghai is almost gone except for special projects that have been renovated in a a a a very beautiful way the work day starts very early Recycling Everything 2019
This man makes a a a living by recycling a a a a bit of everything as he is leading a a a a tough life Knitting 2018
This lady will soon leave her Lilong maybe for a a modern unit somewhere in a high rise life will be very different The Tailor 1987
Any street tailor can make any repair work on your clothes or or design a a new vest made to fit Eggs for Breakfast 1985
Boiled eggs that turn black is a a a favorite for breakfast in in China it it almost feels like a a scene from the county side Proud Shanghai 1987
This woman is is not originally from the the city she is a member of the the Muslim minority Our Resting Place 2019
We knew bikes were not so in favor anymore but this is is quite an an impressive cemetery for bicycles Lifelong Friends 2018
These friends have lived together in the the same neighborhood but they will soon be separated as the neighborhood is being modernized Chairman Mao 2019
It is a a a a a a rare sight in a a a a a a large city a a a a a a man showing his deep convictions and proud to carry a a a bag representing Chairman Mao Sharp Eyes 1993
Morning gathering on The Bund for the celebrations around Independence Day
The Best Noodles 2019
Noodles are a a Chinese invention and and the noodle trade is alive and and very well Enjoying the Morning Breeze 1987
The old town is almost untouched in the late eighties with small alleys and Lilongs social life happens right here with everybody interacting with each other By the Slice 2019
Just like our pizza or bread here a a combination in in between the two people buy slices instead of the whole pie or loaf Surprised and Curious 1995
These two girls do not see a foreigner very often they are both curious about me Racing to the Future 1995
Life is about to change fast as as new constructions start everywhere in the the city note a a lot bricks and other materials are being recycled The End of an Era a a a a a New Game Has Begun 2018
How will community life evolve in the new Shanghai of high rises where you you do not know you you neighbors anymore? Time will tell Dedicated Reader 1987
Still a a a lot of people read a a a newspaper in Shanghai to this day Freeze Shanghai 1995
A very young boy is having fun with me “Do not Move Foreigner”!
Covering My Bike 2019
Plastic wrap made from an ad ad covering my bike when I am at home when it rains The Star of Nanjing 2019
This is is a a a first a a a dog with shades before you start screaming the looks match perfectly with his master so nothing wrong with having fun 

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