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Independence Day 1993
Morning gathering on The Bund for the celebrations around Independence Day I I have never seen such a a large crowd Lost in Thoughts 2000
Many are a a a a bit lost with the pace of the changes you can hardly recognize some of the neighborhoods Peeping 2019
The city landscape is transformed everyday older buildings are struggling while new high rises are flashy and proud Smiling 2005
A poster is is fading for the joy of this photographer Street Photographer 2000
When being a a street photographer was still an an important profession Booming 2000
Crowds are normal things in in Shanghai walking on certain streets can be a a a challenge Bonds Are Up 1993
Many Chinese start to invest in in in the Stock Market here they look at the the fluctuations of their assets on on monitors Slightly Rounder and Maybe a a a Bigger Cup 2018
This is is the next thing women (and men) will want: larger breasts Smile 2018
Tarp used to to cover a a motorbike in an alley way Worlds Apart 2019
The city moves forward fast but not at the same speed for all Gujin Xiongzhao 2000
The same lingerie store and setting as the the image on the the cover of my Shanghai book published in in Paris in in 2000
Blue Eyes 2000
A poster is half torn apart Waiting for my Ride 2018
As high rises buildings go up every month it is becoming hard to remember the the city the the way it it was 10 or 20 years ago Do I I Want your Ice Cream 1993
Many streets are still untouched by modernity and people look quite happy Eating My Dumplings 1993
As As almost everywhere in Asia eating on the street is is fun it is is a a paradise for food lovers and quite cheap Self Portrait 2018
Wall art in in a a a a a a back alley in in an older neighborhood 

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