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22nd Annual Labatt BTRC
Academic Lectureship
The 22nd Labatt Lectureship featured the lecture titled “From Cognition to Cancer: Myelin Plasticity in Health and Disease” by
Dr. Michelle Monje, MD, PhD. Dr. Monje joined the faculty at Stanford University in 2011
as an Assistant Professor of Neurology and Neuro-Oncology. Following her undergraduate
  10 IMAGINE 2019-20
Left to right: Dr. Sunit Das, Dr. Jane McGlade, Dr. Peter Dirks, Dr. Michelle Monje, Dr. Uri Tabori, Dr. Ute Bartels, Dr. James Rutka, Dr. Vijay Ramaswamy
degree in biology at Vassar College, Dr. Monje received her MD and PhD in Neuroscience from Stanford University. She then completed a neurology residency at the Massachusetts General Hospital/Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School program. She subsequently returned to Stanford for a clinical fellowship in paediatric neuro-oncology and a postdoctoral fellowship. The scope
of her research program encompasses the molecular determinants of neural precursor cell fate, neuronal-glial interactions, and the role
of neural precursor cells in oncogenesis and repair mechanisms. As a practicing neurologist and neuro-oncologist, Dr. Monje is dedicated to understanding the neurodevelopmental origins of paediatric brain tumours and the neurological consequences of cancer treatment.

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