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The Life of a Project
 Site Selection and Purchase
Determining if a site is right for the project is key and we can assist in the evaluation and due diligence required prior to the purchase of a site. Once you have determined that you want to move forward with the purchase of a site, we can prepare and negotiate a contract that serves your objectives. We can negotiate and document real property purchase agreements in addition to conducting due diligence investigations in connection with the transaction. We strive to provide cost-effective, full-service counsel in conjunction with our legal expertise by working closely with our in-house team of land use planners and project management specialists, combining deep understanding and extensive experience to help expedite every stage of project development. Our work includes investigations and reviews regarding title, land use, zoning, permitting and other entitlement and regulatory issues, leasing and other contractual obligations and the environmental and physical condition of real property.
Government Approvals
Perhaps the greatest impediment to capital formation is the local jurisdiction permitting. There are usually two distinct approvals required to begin construction: land use approval and building approval. A land use permit is a governing jurisdiction’s approval of the project on a conceptual level. Almost every jurisdiction in the country has some form of land use regulation, which provides a subjective system of sorting and qualifying not only the proposed use of land (retail, industrial, residential, etc.) but also the physical characteristics of the improvements (height, density, setbacks, etc.).
 We understand that every development project requires careful planning informed by a solid understanding of your goals and objectives, combined with a deep familiarity with local zoning ordinances, land use restrictions, building codes, natural features regulations, water use rights, and related rules and regulations. Obtaining approvals, permits, and licenses for development and eventual operation of the property takes experience and creativity. Securing local land use entitlements from government agencies for development projects has become an increasingly complex and lengthy task. While jurisdictions may vary, we understand the complexities and nuances of obtaining government approvals for land development. Our experience enables us to understand what it takes to secure the necessary entitlements.
Similarly, you will benefit from our ability to ensure a comprehensive and legally defensible approach in a species or habitat impact analysis, or a hazardous materials discussion, in the project environmental impact report. This range of experience sets us apart from many other law firms.
We can also assist you with the legal and economic aspects of fees and exactions, which are increasingly common through all aspects of the land development process, and also appear in an increasing variety of environmental, public service and regulatory context. We have analyzed, negotiated, litigated and adjudicated a multitude of fees, charges, special taxes and exactions involving the legitimacy, amount, timing or allocation of development fees and exactions.

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