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The Life of a Project
  Development and Entitlement Contracts
Once your approvals are complete, we can assist you through all phases of the development process. On many occasions, development projects may require certain legislation to be adopted, or may be subject to threatened restrictive legislation. In these cases, we are able to assist clients by working with members of the local legislative body to process or review proposed legislation.
Our vast experience in this area of the law includes negotiating and preparing various types of contracts and agreements which may become necessary due to the complexity of the development process.
Design and Construction
Our team has extensive experience in the negotiation and drafting of construction, design and other professional service contracts and related project documentation from the pre-development phase through construction. We represent owners, contractors, design professionals, governmental agencies and lenders in the broad range of challenges that can and do arise in the course of construction. We are known for structuring relationships and arrangements to increase the success of a project and minimize the prospects for costly claims, delays and cost overruns. Our attorneys advise contractors on the broad band of potential issues, which can range from employment problems to mechanics liens to effective legal counsel pertaining to overall project management, as well as preventative legal counsel designed to avoid potential claims before they arise.
Bidding Process
We can assist you on all aspects of the bidding process and on issues concerning the awarding of projects. We also assist with the development of bid documents, as well as advise on the withdrawal of bids before and after submission.
We regularly draft a variety of construction related contracts, a sampling of which includes: prime construction contracts, subcontracts, design/build contracts, architect/engineer contracts and construction management contracts. Whether the project will be paid on a lump sum, cost plus or other basis, whether the contract is a standard form AIA, AGC or EJDC agreement or is specifically drafted, we are able to draft and analyze the proposed contract at hand. Widely respected in the construction law community, we are able to meet head to head with the “other side” to negotiate a favorable agreement for you.

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