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The Life of a Project
  Insurance and Suretyship
We help ensure that your project is properly insured and/or bonded. We keep abreast of industry trends and offer expertise with respect to commercial general liability insurance, property insurance and professional liability insurance policies. Whether you seek to put policies in place, make claims or fight for coverage, we can assist. We also advise on payment, performance and Miller Act bonds, including when these bonds should be obtained and how they function, as well as on both making claims on bonds and defending sureties and their principal.
Extra and Changed Work Claims
We have experience in addressing claims for out of scope work and keep apprised of new legal developments in this arena, including issues of contract abandonment, damage assessment (e.g., total cost) and documentation.
Delay, Disruption and Acceleration Claims
We also handle scheduling disputes and keep up-to-date on analytical methods of documenting lost time and efficiency. We know how to work with scheduling experts to present an easily understood analysis of the most sophisticated disputes, whether based on the critical path method, historical data or other documentation, as well as the measurement of damages resulting from delay or lost productivity.
Mechanic’s Liens, Stop Notice and Bond Claims
We are thoroughly versed in mechanics’ lien law. We offer advice regarding compliance, recording or obtaining release of liens, the use of and response to stop notices and how to make or defeat claims against lien release bonds, payment bonds and performance bonds. From training you on compliance issues to litigating a lien foreclosure action, we consistently provide the advice necessary to maintain big picture focus on your overall goal.

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