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      ADA Compliance
Solid counsel on policies and compliance issues surrounding fair housing law, accessible design, and other regulations and licensing allows multifamily housing owners and operators to protect their assets. Our attorneys have represented both national and regional owners and developers in defending against claims brought by the U. S. Department of Justice and national advocacy groups alleging disability design and construction deficiencies under the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We offer:
• Support for compliance with the FHA, the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, and state and local fair housing laws.
• Representation before federal, state and local administrative agencies, and federal and state courts on complex fair housing and disability claims.
• Guidance on state licensing and regulatory compliance issues, as well as assistance in responding to related state investigations.
• Counsel on lead-based paint liability issues, including potential liability of third parties and current regulatory requirements under EPA and HUD rules.
Construction Defects
Unfortunately, not all disputes are always resolved while construction is pending. Claims for breach of contract or warranty, construction or design defects, delays, extra work and even fraud or false claims are commonly asserted. We have experience representing multifamily owners and developers, in all types of construction litigation, mediation and arbitration. Recognizing that litigation costs can mount rapidly, we carefully monitor discovery, motion work and trial preparation to minimize financial drain, assign tasks among lawyers and paralegals to maximize efficiency and limit expense and utilize alternative dispute methods, where appropriate.
Data Privacy & Cybersecurity
Nearly every facet of a multifamily project operation—from internal employment practices to online operations, data collection and customer contact—is subject to a complex array of legal and business challenges related to privacy. We can partner with you to you extract value from the data you collect, while identifying and addressing regulatory compliance requirements, and ensuring that data is appropriately protected. We have experience responding to high-profile data breaches, including state-sponsored attacks, and the regulatory investigations, As data becomes more entwined with the enterprise value of businesses, we conduct data and privacy compliance due to help you anticipate privacy and security issues, and respond to privacy investigations, litigation, cybercrimes and network intrusions.
Privacy and Security in the “Internet of Things”
With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), virtually all of the things we use in daily life will collect enormous amounts of data that can be communicated to other devices and other parties. We advise clients across a wide range of industries – from automobile manufacturers developing connected car technologies, to fashion and retail industry clients developing wearable technologies, eHealth and telemedicine companies communicating biometric data – on the privacy and security issues presented in this interconnected environment. We understand the wide range of industry sectors that make up the IoT.
The Life of a Project

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