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     The Life of a Project
Ongoing Operations and Management
Our team has worked on a wide variety of landlord-tenant issues and are knowledgeable of the federal, state or local laws applicable to residential and commercial leases. We know the rules and potential pitfalls, having fought cases in court that result from them, and can offer you the insight to help you draft a lease or rental agreement that complies with the law, is advantageous to you and protects your interests. Our Rental Agreement and Lease Services include:
• Draft rental agreements and leases, including amendments and addendums to leases.
• Review rental agreements and leases for compliance with federal, state and local laws.
• Explain which terms should be included in your lease to best protect your rights.
• Provide advice regarding compliance with local ordinances, including local rent control ordinances.
• Negotiation services regarding new rental agreements, leases, amendments and addendums to leases.
We are well-versed in the requirements of rent-controlled jurisdictions and can help navigate and explain what those requirements are, and help you comply with them while protecting your rights and interests.
Revenue Enhancement Opportunities
Today more than ever, multifamily housing developers, owners and management companies are faced with numerous opportunities to increase property revenues. Our team works with you to manage and build earnings. We offer guidance on supplemental income opportunities such as building and operating – or partnering with suppliers for – in-demand telecommunications and cable services. And we assist in the development of “standard contracts” or “master” contract terms for vendor agreements that help control operating costs.
Labor and Employment
In the operation of a multifamily project, labor and employment laws affect the entire legal relationship between you and your employees, beginning with the initial hiring process and expanding into every facet of daily operations, including job descriptions, wages, promotions, reviews, terminations, benefits, mergers and acquisitions, as well as the successful resolution of disputes pertaining to unfair labor practices and discrimination. Because the laws that apply to the labor and employment relationship are found at all levels of government—federal, state, county and even city—making sense of these oftentimes conflicting requirements is more of a challenge than ever for today’s employers Knowing what to do and when is a core competency of our team and we can assist you with all aspects of employment counseling and litigation. We can provide day-to-day counseling on a variety of human resource matters, such as exempt/non-exempt classification, drug and alcohol testing, OSHA, reductions in force and workplace violence, sexual harassment, stock options, leave of absence and employee hiring, discipline and termination and draft critical employment policies and agreements. When a dispute cannot be resolved informally, we are prepared to litigate to protect your interests.

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