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» Contact inserts with user-friendly push-in connection provide easy wiring, quick installation, and secure connectivity.
Deciding on a modular system isn’t limited to the insert, though. While the average housing has a fixed side or top entry and is usually limited to only a few thread sizes, some rectangular connector housings employ a more universal adapter interface. With systems like that, top or side entry doesn’t need to be decided when purchasing the housing. Instead, the adapter interface allows for glands to be applied either way. It’s also consistent across varying housing sizes within a series, allowing for the full range of adapters — any size or style — to be applied to any basic housing.
When considering all of the different components that are available to create a heavy-duty rectangular connector system, it’s worth looking into working with a core set of components that can be used to bring together different electrical transmissions. Plenty of innovations are available to help choose, build, and deploy industrial connectors as part of a complete solution.
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